"VITA – stronger together for peace and freedom"

Help where it's urgently needed!


About us:

On March 8th, 2022, the non-profit association „VITA -stronger together for peace and freedom“ was founded to bundle offers of help for people in need.


Due to the war in Ukraine, employees, supporters, and project partners from the environment of VITA Akademie GmbH got together at short notice to organize help.


„VITA – stronger together for peace and freedom“ has set itself the goal of supporting people in an emergency.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to build up a nationwide aid network that can act quickly and supportively in different times of crisis and can interact with other cooperation partners.

Our focus is that the help – which we offer – arrives directly at the people who need it.

You will be kept up to date on current projects under „News“ and via Facebook and Instagram.


We currently support those affected by the Ukraine war and deliver relief supplies to the border area between Poland and Ukraine.

We are also committed to transporting people to Germany and are campaigning for the development of necessary living space.



04441 8859734




How can you help?

Monetary donations can be transferred to the following account:

Konto: DE77 2805 0100 0094 1600 58

Kontoinhaber: VITA – stronger together for peace and freedom

Betreff: VITA – stronger together for peace and freedom


A donation receipt will be issued upon request.


The following donations in kind are gladly accepted:


-Drink packet of juice

-cocoa powder

-sweet snacks

-Quetschies (fruit puree in squeeze bags)

-Squeeze-bag meals for toddlers (formerly Hipp jars)

-canned food

-small water bottles



 Medical paraphernalia:

-dressing material

-disposable gloves


-charcoal tablets


-thick and warm jackets

-thermal clothing

-trekking shoes


-underwear (must be new!)




-sleeping bags

-sleeping pads


-working gloves

-hygiene articles for babies, small children, and women.


You can drop off your donations at these collection points every Thursday morning from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.:


VITA Akademie

Bahnhofstr. 20

26160 Bad Zwischenahn


VITA Akademie

Breite Str. 60

26919 Brake


VITA Akademie

Emsteker Str. 30

49661 Cloppenburg


VITA Akademie

Hindenburgstr. 62

49356 Diepholz


VITA Akademie

Wachberg 2

49681 Garrel


VITA Akademie

Bahnhofsring 2

26789 Leer


VITA Akademie

Dr. Eckener-Str. 14

27793 Wildeshausen


VITA Akademie

Peterstr. 50

26382 Wilhelmshaven


VITA Akademie

Breslauerstr. 19-21


26409 Wittmund